Estonia – 1 March 2015: What a pleasant surprise to see magnolias greet the spring with blossom buds on four of St. Mary’s Arboretum ten adult trees. Last year, 2014, was our first magnolia kobus, (m. kobus), blossom. It was both exciting and magnificent seeing five years of work coming into bloom. This year the m. kobus tree that produced our first blossom has four blossoms together with a welcomed addition of three other budding trees. Estonia’s winter was mild with only a few days of -10°C to -14°C temperatures. We at St. Mary’s Nursery & Farm OU, St. Mary’s, are looking forward to spring and the 2015 growing season. In addition, St. Mary’s Online Store:, will be offering this April 2015, four-year-old magnolia kobus trees specifically grown for the ‘northern’ Finnish / Estonia like climates. Please blog us back and let us know if others in our northern community are experiencing similar weather and plant awakenings. …Remember; keep planting as “plants are for a greener tomorrow”.

magnolia kobus bud