It was quite a splendid partly-sunny afternoon when we arrived in Riga and at the University of Latvia’s Botanical Garden. First on our tour was a magnolia tripetala in full bloom. A 6-8 meter tree with flowers measuring 25 cm in diameter. Truly a magnificent tree!

Next we were directed to magnolia “Susann” with flowers of lavender and white. The color of such a bush  highlighted its surroundings perfectly.

Venturing on we had the pleasure of seeing several other magnolias, e.g., magnolia soulangeana, magnolia sieboldii, and magnolia obovata… about five in total and taking many pictures to document the spring of 2015. It was a memorable spring, reminisce of a mild winter.

Magnolia tripetalaMagnolia tripetala tree



Magnolia tripetala  1Magnolia tripetala , Riga



Magnolia tripetala 2Magnolia tripetala



Magnolia tripetala  RigaMagnolia tripetala



Magnolia tripetala  3Magnolia tripetala



Magnolia Susann RigaMagnolia “Susann” bush



Magnolia SusannMagnolia “Susann”flower



Magnolia soulangianaMagnolia soulangiana



Magnolia sieboldiiMagnolia sieboldii



Magnolia obovataMagnolia obovata. The tree hasn’t flowered yet.